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Aims and Objectives

ClOur Aims and Objectives are heavily invested in our hearts, minds and souls. The success of Prime Africans will be determined and measured by the realisation of the following;
Aims and Objectives

A significant contribution to the alleviation of high unemployment rates, and assisting Government in its mission for job creation for women, youth, disabled and all people at large
Establishing a security empire that would be called home by thousands of its employees by virtue of investing significantly in employee welfare and collaboration, to make employees feel part of the family.
To employ individuals with potential, develop their competence, and inspire them to live our values.
To compliment other Crime-fighting agencies such as the South African Police Services and other leading security companies by contributing our bit to crime prevention.
An endeavour to affirm our stance of being a recognised security service provider of choice and challenging our leading counterparts to take cognisance of us.
To make a favourable revenue turnover that would benefit shareholders and the growth of Prime Africans
To realise our Vision 2020 of employing 2020 employees by December 2020
To plough back to the community by undertaking social responsibility projects that would benefit the less privileged sectors of our society.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Transparency
Trust is earned and employees, customers, investors and all stakeholders are all determinant factors of the Prime African' sustainability, hence all issues are dealt with in a collaborative and transparent manner
We invest significantly in upholding our reputation in the industry and all practices are in accordance with ethical and regulatory compliances
Our relatively young leadership serves to reassure all that it is all possible with passion of purpose, therefore inspiring many young individuals to strive for more
Every detail of our service is scrutinised with a question in mind “How else could we do this better?”
Customer Motivated
Customer base defines our growth or demise, therefore client retention is at the core of our priorities. We strive to create unforgettable experiences to our clients